Health benefits of juices


Most of us start our day with a glass of juice. Juice provides your body with number of health benefits in form of cleansing agent, enhancing your immune system, reducing your stress levels and many more.

Are you thinking that how different fruit juices can provide you with different health benefits? Malic acid found in peaches, apples, lemons plums etc is a natural antiseptic and help to cleanse the liver. You will be glad to read that lemons are packed with citric acid, which has the strongest cleansing action of all. For more benefits read the following!

If you had a party blast last night, and unable to get over from your last night’s hangover then don’t panic, just have glass of either apple juice or orange juice or carrot or beetroot juice. Believe me, your will get benefited in a short span itself. Same juices help in jetlag as well as in case of tired and worn-out body by refreshing it.

For relaxation, you can choose from apple juice, pineapple or mint and lime juice.

If the stress of daily life affects you tremendously then it’s becomes more important for you to take care of your health so that you can beat stress factors in an effective manner. So for this, try out a juice of tomato, carrot, coriander, broccoli and celery. It will greatly reduce your stress levels.

For improving your immunity system, or for increasing your body’s resistance against flu and colds, gulp down the juice of apple, carrot, ginger, garlic or lemon.

For detoxification of your body, the best options are apple juice, watermelon juice, grape fruit and ginger juice.

If you are very much concerned about your appearance then make sure you take carrot or spinach or capsicum juices in your diet as they acts as great skin toners for your body.

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