Health Benefits of Herbs


Herbs play a vital role in curing many diseases. Herbs have been used for many centuries. They are an important ingredient in a lot of medicines. Extensive use of the herbs can be found in the west.

China and India in the East are extensive users of the herbs. Herbal science is developing well in these countries. However, herbal science was practiced only by people who were involved with the religious or spiritual activities.

There were religious institutions which decided to unveil the secrets of the herbs to the common man. Soon the public also started knowing about the herbal science.

Yoga uses the best herbs that are available from different parts of the earth. People practicing yoga are making full use of them. Herbs and yoga cover most of Ayurveda. In fact it is little more than Ayurveda. For instance ginseng is becoming more popular these days and is being used by people. It is an herb that is found in China and people import it from there.

This herb is useful for everyone, particularly for those who are practicing yoga. Herbs in general increase the energy level in the body. Ginseng has the ability to penetrate well into our system and make our muscles more strong and also make our nerves very receptive.

This herb is very useful for vegetarians who are deprived of the variety of nutrition one gets by consuming non vegetarian food. This herb gives abundant strength.

Hence for those who practice yoga, Ginseng makes a sea of difference. After having Ginseng, the person will feel full of energy and this will enable him to perform his asanas much better. Ultimately he will have a fit and strong body.

Another Chinese herb is Kuei. It is very well known for its capacity to aid the reproductive system of a woman. The Westerners too have made a major contribution in herbal science. The commonly used herbs by the Westerners are barberry, calamus and bayberry.

Bayberry bark is used to treat cold, cough, ulcer, diarrhea, bleeding gums and sores. Barberry fights cancer and also helps to control blood pressure. Calamus enables digestion and gives you a good appetite.

Ayurveda has a lot of herbs. Yoga and ayurveda are closely asscociated. Cinnamon, aloe, basil, garlic, mint, poppy seeds are some of the various herbs used by ayurveda.

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  • Could you please specifiy the type of ginseng that you are referring to? I guess, both Panax ginseng and red ginseng should be quite useful.