Health And Wellness With Massage Therapy


It is common among most people that having a massage is like spoiling one’s senses. A lot of people have in one way or the other experienced some form of massage before. But those kinds of massage should not be compared to massage therapy. Massage therapy is different from other types of massage.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a combination of the relaxation that results from massage and the healing that comes as a result of therapy. One more thing that makes massage therapy different from the other types of massage is that you must go through a series of therapies for it to be complete.  Having just one session of massage is not enough to be called massage therapy.

This is because the tension, stress and pressure that stick to your body can not be totally flushed away in a session that last for only an hour or two. Most therapists will want their massage patients to follow the whole sequence of the therapy which should be a minimum of six sessions and a maximum of 12 sessions.

The processes of massage therapy

There are a number of things done in massage therapy. The first stage is for the therapist to check certain points of the body in order to measure the amount of toxins in the body. This is done with some strokes. After the diagnosis, the therapist will prescribe the series of sessions needed to solve the problem. Usually there are three sessions a week. But for people suffering from certain diseases like osteoporosis and severe back or body injuries, there may be some difference. They often are asked to attend more sessions.

Healing and more

Even though massage therapy may be health related, the relaxation aspect is not totally out. The patient will have to choose the type of massage he/she wants during each session of the therapy.

Massage therapy is becoming more and more popular as the days go by. Doctors and other health practitioners are recommending massage therapy as an alternative for regular health care. Many of those who tried have attested to the fact that it works. Most of these are stroke patients and those who suffered from paralysis. Massage therapy is feeling good and healthy at the same time.

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