headache One of the most common maladies to affect most individuals at some point in their life is a headache.  Most headaches are harmless and easily treated.  They do not necessarily indicate a serious underlying illness. 

Headache pain usually originates from nerve irritation; the nerves most commonly irritated are those connected to muscles attached to the shoulder, neck or scalp.

There are times when headaches are an initial indicator for a more serious condition, so it is important to pay attention to your body and seek medical attention if they do not subside within a few days.

There are a many classifications of headaches, including migraine, cluster and sinus.


•    High blood pressure
•    Infections located in the general body or head
•    Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
•    Allergic reactions to indoor or outdoor irritants or food
•    Hangovers
•    Vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies
•    Stress or tension


•    Throbbing or dull head pain
•    Temple or eye pain
•    Blurry vision
•    Poor appetite
•    Feeling tired
•    Upset stomach
•    Ear pain
•    Feeling too hot or too cold


For two to three days it may be helpful to exclusively drink citrus juices diluted with water every two hours over a solid twelve hour period.  Once you have cleansed your system by drinking all these juices, follow this diet plan:  breakfast – fresh or dried fruits only; lunch – protein foods only; dinner – only starchy foods (such as whole wheat bread, raw salads, potatoes, cereal, & rice).  You can follow this balanced dietary plan indefinitely.

Home remedies

Lemon juice – mixed with one cup of tea can reduce headache severity. Apples – pare the upper rind and remove the innermost core of a ripe apple.  Discard these parts and eat the remainder with salt on an empty stomach.  Do this each day for a solid week.

Cinnamon – create a paste by mixing cinnamon with water.  Rub the mixture on the temples and forehead for headache relief. Rosemary – boil the rosemary in water and pour into a cup.  Cover the afflicted individual’s head with a cloth and have them inhale the aroma from the cup for as long as possible to relieve the headache.

Henna flowers – saturate the henna flowers with vinegar and apply them directly to the forehead.

Helpful tips for headache relief

Practice good nutrition and dietary habits. Start a regular exercise program and stick to it. Use cold packs on the neck, head, and face when needed. Apply hot towels to the back of the neck as needed. Drink plenty of water every day (8 to 10 glasses). Practice yoga exercises.

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