Have a Wine Tour of California

Who says France is where the best wines are produced? That used to be true sometime ago. Today some of the best wines come from California. That’s the truth. The French have the technique and the soil for wine, but over the decades, California has seen a boom in wine making. Old wineries are being renovated and replanted while new ones are established. Take a wine tour of California here.

Wine County
Spending time here will not be difficult. From San Francisco you can drive to Sonoma Valley. You can go to Petaluma which is just 30 miles north. Go to the tasting room of Sonoma Valley Portworks. You can have a taste there for free. You don’t need any appointment; you only have to get there on a week day before 5 p.m. You have a lot to choose from.
From there you can go to the Russian River Valley where the Olivet Grange Vineyards is located. At this welcoming environment you will be introduced to pinot noir and pinot gris. You can even spend the night there at a renovated farmhouse.

Napa Valley
The following are the places you can visit. There is the Davis Bynum Winery in Healdsburg. It is just 10 miles away from the Olivet Grange Vineyards. From 10 a.m., their tasting room is open. You meet a group of very serious people who love what they do.

There is also the famous Gallo Family Vineyards. You can tour this extensive establishment at the end of which you have the chance of tasting. This will cost $45 per person.

In the same place you can also visit J Vineyards & Winery. Their tasting room offers more. The wine is paired with food.

There is also a place called Tasting Main. This is a tasting room where the best of Napa is featured. You cannot afford to miss this place during your visit. You save time and money but you get the best. Their hit collection ranges from $10 to $15.

Caution! There is so much to taste or drink so you have to exercise a lot of restraint. There is no shame in drinking just a little.