Harmful Effects of smoking

Get rid of smoking

For people who think that smoking is a stress buster or a cool think to stick to, take a look at the ill effects of smoking. Once you would get to know about the harms that could be done by smoking cigarettes, it would be hard to touch it ever again for you. Truth is “smoking kills”! You may have heard it already but fact is that thousands of people suffer from lung cancer due to it and die eventually. In fact, it is more likely for a person to die in middle age. Tobacco which is contained inside cigarette increases blood pressure and hear rate, chances of getting cancer also increases and you experience a strain in your blood vessels and heart. Smokers may also end up having limbs amputated.

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day is just like accumulating a full cup of tar coal in your lung over and year. Shocking isn’t it? But it’s so true and one cannot avoid it if he smokes no matter whichever exercise of dirt regimen he or she follows. Harmful smoke that enters the body deprives the body muscles of oxygen which makes you body work harder. Your airways also get swell and you can get a lot of lung problems. Bronchitis is something that you would definitely suffer from if you are a chain smoker. A smoker is 10 times more likely to suffer from cancer and diet than a non- smoker. Fat accumulation in the blood cells, resulting in blockage is another side effect of smoking. This can lead to heart attack.

Youngsters have become more addicted towards smoking which is not good. At least 1 out of 4 young person dies because of lung cancer or heart diseases because of his or her smoking habit. So now that you know about the harmful ill effects of smoking, you must try to get rid of this habit as soon as possible and try to breathe the fresh air only. Consult a doctor if you are an addict and leave the habit for your own good. Women must definitely get rid of this habit as it can lead to prematurity, fetal tobacco syndrome or even a spontaneous abortion during the pregnancy.

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