Harmful Effects of Human Papilloma Virus

HPV, Human papilloma virus is a sexually transmitted disease. But then, there are about 130 varieties of HPV, and only 40 of them are spread through sexual intercourse. Some of these HPV infected people do not show any kind of symptoms, affecting their health in the long term. Though a male can be infected with it for a long time and spread it through his sexual activities, he may not be aware of the condition.

HPV results in some forms of genital warts which are noticed around his private parts, especially groin, scrotum, penis and also anal region.

HPV can cause cancer
Some varieties of HPV can cause cancer. These cancerous conditions can affect the penis or anal region of males. Such cancerous conditions do not show any type of symptoms till they are very advanced. When you suffer from persistent itching or burning sensations, bleeding or discharges from either penis or anus, you should immediately get it treated. Some times the lymph nodes when swollen cause your stool to take a different shape.

Penile cancer sometimes manifests by changed color of the penis skin, open sores and the skin appearing thicker, in which case you should urgently seek medical intervention.

Sexual contacts are the easy mode for spreading HPV. In this case even protected sex is unsafe. Though you may be using a condom during the sex act, since your groin and scrotum come into contact with the infected person, it can still spread.

No medications available for HPV
HPV cannot be treated under present conditions. Only the symptoms of the disease are treated by Medicare personnel. To give an example, though genital warts cannot be cured, they can be treated to reduce severity and minimize the spread of the infection. It is also impossible to find out the form of HPV you are suffering from. Only through the symptoms of the ailment one tends to generalize the forms of HPV.

It is however advised that when either a male or female is suspected to be suffering from HPV or Genital warts, it would be advisable that they suspend their sexual activity till they are pronounced as cured.