Happily married


happilymarried The key to any successful relationship, be it affair or marriage is to communicate. You have to let your partner know what you feel. But at the same time, you have to keep in mind that you both are tied in same knot so it is not the responsibility of just one to keep the whole thing working and intact. Both need to work on the relationship to make it a successful one.

When you are married, you have ample chances to communicate. But often it can be seen that both the partners are too busy with their works that they hardly have time to talk to each other. Instead of ignoring the problem and accepting the situation just as it is, be active to work things out.

Every now and then, take some time off from your work and take your spouse on a date. It does not need to be a romantic candle light dinner; an ordinary date will do just fine as long as the two of you get to spend some quality time alone, free from the worries of day-to-day life.

Movies are a great pass time and amusement. The two of you can go to a movie sometime. That will keep your mind off other things and at the same time it will be something you can enjoy together. Though this does not give you much chance to interact, but this will definitely give a chance to make the bond stronger.

If dinner dates are bit too much, not to worry. You can always go out for lunch. Take the time off from work and go somewhere close to your workplace so that you can be back on time. See how that works. But make sure you schedule the lunch date on a day when both of you are less busy. Then you will not be in a hurry.

If all else fails then go for a walk every morning, in the evening, or even after dinner. The walk will be beneficial for your health and at the same time, you will have some time to communicate.

Sex is very important. Do not wait for the spontaneity. Make the surrounding nice, romantic, and just go for it. See how it works.

Last but not the least; try to find something you two can do together. This will give you some time to spend with each other. Follow these tips and enjoy a happy married life.