Hand Manicure For Healthy Nails


As everyone knows, if your want healthy nails, a weekly manicure is a must! Easily done at home, one does not have to make a trip to a beauty salon for manicures or pedicures. They are just as easily done at home. All you need is acetone free nail polish remover, cuticle oil or cream, nail clippers, nail buffer, a basic nail set.

Begin by cleaning your nails with a nail brush, or even an old tooth brush if you don’t have one. Scrub nails and use an orange stick to clean any dirt from under the nails.

Next soak nails not hands in warm soapy water or milk to soften cuticles for 10 – 15 minutes or as long as is necessary. Rinse, pat dry and moisturise well.

Remove every vestige of old nail polish with a nail polish remover meant to strengthen the nails.

Trim nails evenly and file edges to make them round and smooth. While, filing go only in one direction to prevent nails from breaking. Wash nails again, dry.

Rub cuticle oil into cuticles to heal and soften them, then push back gently with a cuticle stick. You can also use a cuticle remover to remove cuticles and dead skin.

Now, buff your nails with a nail buffer that will help file ridges off your nails and give them a shine.

Apply a base coat in a three stroke process to prevent streaking and nail polish colour from staining nails. In fact, always two base coats, as it fills the ridges and the polish looks nicer and lasts longer, as well.

After base coat has dried, go ahead and apply nail polish using the same three stroke technique as you did for the base coat. Let the colour dry and finish off with the topcoat.

Use a cuticle cream daily so that the next time you do a manicure there will be less dead skin to remove.

A regular manicure and a good dose of calcium should ensure clean, healthy looking nails.