Hand Gestures-Talking With Your Hands


Yes, a lot of people use hand gestures when they are talking with other people and the hand gestures they use, are gestures that expresses and emphasizes the tone and style of the words being spoken. For example, if someone is saying things that suggests they are serious about what they are saying, a person would move either their hands or arms, in a up and down motion with hands open, to emphasize the point being made or would raise their arm and forefinger of either hand and wag them forward, to also emphasize a point.

Or for another example, if a political leader is making comments about being tough on crime and criminals, they would take a clinched fist and place it firmly in the palm of the other hand, to emphasize that point.

A hand gesture is a powerful tool of an avid orator or a politician who loves to emphasize the meanings of what they say. The power behind those hand gestures are so powerful, that most people that see the person making the speech, follow more closely to the hand gestures, rather than the words behind the gestures.

For an example of a famous politician that used hand gestures to make the point get across to his listeners, the German dictator Adolf Hitler used a lot of hand gestures in his speeches and was known to be one of the best orators of his time.

Hitler was taught the art of oratory speaking during the early 1920’s, when he became the president of the Nazi party and the techniques he learned helped, catapult him and the Nazi party to fame and the top of the German government in 1933. Benito Mussolini was also another good orator and like Hitler, also used a lot of hand gestures during his speeches.

In everyday talk, hand gestures are also used to express ideas and thoughts and the gestures differ from person to person, so a person might wag their fingers or palm their fists and another person may put their hands to their face or point outward into the air. Hand gestures give our thoughts and ideas life and make us unique from each other.

A person’s real creativity when they speak is not so much the words being spoken, but the hand gestures, which have a life of its own, is the heart and soul of a speech because without the hand gestures and the life it gives the speech, the words would be meaningless.