Hairstyles for monsoon


Hairstyles for monsoon should be simple and easy and complement your makeup. Elaborate hairstyles which are difficult to redo and manage in frequent downpour should be avoided.Follow these tips to get a tangle free, clean and healthy hair.

Avoid getting your hair permed in this humid climate. Avoid too much conditioner and other heavy hair products.
Short hair can be better managed even if they get wet. So it is better to have a haircut in monsoons as short hair can be dried quickly and combing it is easier than wet long hair.

Long hair make should be dried as soon as it gets wet. So it is a great idea to keep a Turkish towel and a travel hairdryer at your office. Tie your long hair into a top knot when you are on move.

Avoid hair sprays or gels during monsoon as they stick to scalp and can cause dandruff.

You should massage your scalp with the finger tips to improve the blood circulation.

Listed below are some styles during the monsoons to give you a great look

It is refreshing to have high ponytails. You can go for that Prima Donna look by having a heavy blunt fringe just above the eyes.

Go for relaxed-glam-fun look by letting your hair down or slightly ruffled as if just-out-of-bed.

If you want to use the highlights, select a suitable hue and colour one or two slices of the front hair in different shades. Avoid too bright colours like orange and gold. Go for Chocolate browns and honeys as they go great with Indian skin.

Diamante-studded hairpins or ribbons can be used to brighten up the mood.