Haircuts For Curly Hair

curly hair

Most people think that straight hair has more scope to sport different hairstyles while curly hair does not have much scope. This is actually not true. There are various hairstyles and cuts that could be given to curly hair. In fact people with straight hair often get curls done in their hair.

The most important thing that matters is that the quality of hair must be good and whatever be the texture of your hair they must be well maintained. Frizzy and dry hair can never sport a cool hairstyle.

Take a look at the hairstyles women can sport if they have curly hair.

Afro puffs- This kind of a look is very retro and is quite in fashion these days. This kind of a haircut is meant for those who love experimenting. Your hair must be strictly curly and not just wavy if you love this look. You could also tie a little pony at the back or leave them open for a wild look.

Curly bob- This haircut is best suited to women with large volume. You need to gel your hair and apply some styling cream to keep the hair in place. Putting up cute hair accessories will give the cut a girly touch.

Romantic bob- This is best suited if you are going for an evening out in some party or are going clubbing. Your hair must be long enough to touch your chin. Take out middle or side parting as you please and you ready to go. Maintain the softness of the look with appropriate styling of hair, accessories and clothes.

Curly hair does not restrict men for not being able to experiment. Here is a list of haircuts they can sport.

Cornrows- This is the easiest to maintain haircut. Make many French braids letting them hang at the back and you are done.

Dreadlocks- This cut is very simple to achieve. Let your hair be uncombed and unconditioned for many days. Let them grow on their own. Your hair will achieve the matte look and will get interlocked. This is called the dread cut.

Shoulder length curls- Grow your hair till shoulder. After shampooing and conditioning it let the hair dry. Now run fingers through your locks to open up the detangled hair and you are ready to go!

Richa Kumar