Hair Styling: Finger Drying


Hair Styling Finger Drying

Drying your hair is an essential part of everyday hair maintenance, and style maintenance as well. There are several options to dry your hair. You can use the modern blow dryers that are now equipped with diffuser attachments to prevent your hair from getting damaged. You can use different drying equipment depending on your hair and the way you want to style it.

You can also use your fingers to assist your hair to dry. If your hair is short then finger drying it will give you an edgier and smarter look. It will not only help to dry your hair, but also enable you to style it. Instead of using artificial heat from blow dryers or other forms of dryers, it uses the heat that is produced by friction from your own hands.

finger drying

If you have damaged hair, then this method of drying is absolutely suitable because it is harsh in the least and very gentle to the hair.

It is very simple and easy to finger dry your hair. It does not require any special equipment or products and offers a natural method of drying your hair. All you will need is a styling comb and some hair gel and you can do it all by yourself. You can follow the directions given below to finger dry your hair.

Clean Your Hair

Start by shampooing your hair. Apply conditioner and rinse thoroughly so that your hair will be clean and healthy to start with.

Clean your hair

Use Some Spray Gel

After you are finished with the washing and conditioning, spray your hair with some hair gel. Use the one that suits your hair the best. Once you apply the gel, comb through your hair.

Use some spray gel

Let Your Fingers Do The Work

Now, run your fingers through your hair. Do this rapidly upwards and forwards from the roots to the ends.

In order to get the height at the roots, lift up the hair at the crown.

Now, your hair will begin to dry. Therefore, continue with the lifting as the hair is drying. Remember to use rapid movements all the time.

Let your fingers do the work

Flatten the hair at the sides with your fingertips.

If you want to encourage waves in naturally curly, short hair then this method is the best for drying.