Hair Straightening


strahtennghair Hair care: Hair care is very important before even thinking of straightening hair. Keeping hair moisturized ensures healthy hair that is less frizzy. If hair is not healthy, it will not look good despite all the straightening.

Use products that are suited for your hair type and minimize the application of unnecessary chemicals to your hair. Keep hair free from split ends by having your hair trimmed once every two months.

Do not use hair color and straighten hair as it could lead to serious damage to your hair. Regular use of straightening irons and hair dryers could affect your hair so take a break from the gadgets in between.

Methods: Blow-drying hair is a fast and simple method for straightening hair. Wash hair and pat dry till it is almost dry. Always use a conditioner after shampooing as this form a protective layer over your hair.

Divide hair into parts and use a clip to pin up the top parts. Taking one section from the bottom preferably a one-inch section of your hair, use the dryer along the length of the hair with a round brush or flat brush.

Repeat this for each section of hair till hair is completely straightened. You can also curl the ends using a round brush. It is important to use a protective product on your hair before you start blow-drying. Finally, you can apply a shine serum that leaves your looking beautiful

You can also use a straightening iron on your hair. As with blow-drying, divide your hair into sections. If your hair is very curly, make the sections smaller.

Taking hair from the bottom section of the hair place the iron as close to the scalp as possible and glide it till the end of the hair. Do this for your entire hair.

Use the lowest possible heat setting for a better effect. It is better to let your hair dry completely before using the iron. Make sure the plates on the iron are clean. Apply a product that is heat resistant before ironing hair.