Hair Spa – Easy Way To Hair Care

Best Easy Ways For Hair Care

Best Easy Ways For Hair Care

Hair spa is the new rage in the hair care regime. Most, if not all, women want to show off great, long, thick, bouncy, shiny hair but who has the time to devote to their hair! You can forget the hassle some and long duration hair care  routines. Hair spa is the magical solution to all your hair woes. It neither burns your pocket nor demands too much time!

What Is Hair Spa

Hair Spa Is A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Hair spa is a deep conditioning treatment. It adds life and lustre to every single strand of your hair. It deep conditions the hair from root to tip. It relaxes and rejuvenates your hair. Hair spa also helps fight split ends, dandruffs and also itchy and flaky scalps. It also controls hair fall and helps foster hair growth. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is indeed a great treat for your hair.

Life style has changed over the decades. Today who has the time to devote to their hair the way our grannies and moms did. On top of it work stress, pollution, frequent travelling, life style changes have added to our hair troubles. Hair spa treatment is a big sigh of relief for the woman of today. After all who wants to be seen with dry and damaged hair? I don’t, do u?

Process Of Hair Spa

Washing And Cleaning The Hair With A Mild Shampoo

Hair Spa treatment is now provided in all decent salons. It is not an exorbitant luxury to afford. Mostly all beauticians practice a fixed hair spa process which begins with washing and cleaning the hair with a mild shampoo. This is to be followed by a deep conditioning massage. After the massage you will be advised for a hair steam. Then the hair is washed and a leave on conditioner applied. The process in its entirety would take about one to one and a half hours.

Benefits Of Spa Massage

Deep Conditioning And Massaging For Dandruffs

The deep conditioning and massaging in the hair spa treatment is essential for combating the problem of dandruffs. Apart from it the massage increases circulation which will result in good hair growth. Hair Spa is a process of pampering oneself. Along with head massage, most specialists devote few precious minutes to neck, shoulder and hands massage.

After all the purpose of hair spa remains unachieved unless you feel completely relaxed! So next time you want to shut the world away for an hour or so you know the two in one process of relaxation and great hair is a simple hair spa. Your friends will envy the shine on your hair after every hair spa session!

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Natural Hair Spa

Natural Hair Spa

If you are one of the believers in natural hair care treatments then indulge your hair in a spa right at home! You can warm and apply a nice almond or olive oil on your hair and give yourself a good massage. Let this stay for half an hour. After oiling you should wrap your hair with a hot thin cotton towel for about thirty minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo suitable for your hair type.

Remember when you shampoo your hair, go slow, and try and massage the scalp while shampooing. This thoroughly cleans and nourishes your hair. Also when you apply you conditioner devote few extra minutes and apply to small partings of hair instead of the entire hair at one go. You will be surprised at the results you achieved! Be at home or be it in the luxury of a salon try hair spa once and you will vouch for it yourself.

Nidhi Dokania