Hair Maintenance and Hair Loss Prevention


Hair loss is one of the most problems faced predominantly by men and also by women. Hair loss treatment is sought after the world over as people strive to get back what they lost. While human hair has little physiological function to actually be of any help to human beings, it is of extreme importance to the psychological aspects of people. Men of all ages would wish to have their luscious hair intact as they search for their hair loss remedy.

However, it is important to know what the problem is, before remedy is sought. Hair loss causes very widely and so does hair loss pattern. And what works for one may not work for the other, when it comes to hair loss cure. The first thing that you should do in your endeavor to save your hair would be to consult your physician and ask for advice. Usually, hair loss may not be all that obvious in the initial stages, for the simple reason that hair loss as well as hair growth are natural process that happen simultaneously. Hair loss is as much a reality as natural hair growth is – and it is perfectly normal to have hair falling on a daily basis, because that is the natural rhythm – cells keep dying away and new cells keep forming. It is the profuse hair loss over a short period or consistent hair loss that leads to baldness over a period of time that has to be taken care of and attended to.

Hair loss prevention: In general, it is advisable to have the hair dried through gentle stokes with a soft towel, rather than beating hair vigorously after a shower – gentle hair massage is good for hair but friction created by beating hair to get it dried is not good for hair. It is also suggested that having the hair cut short and close helps in reducing hair loss, for the same reason – there is less friction on short hair and hence, there is less hair damage. Hair massage on a daily basis with hair oil or hair protein cream helps increase blood and nutrient circulation to hair, increasing its lifespan. It would also help to beat the hair with hands in gentle whips during head bath.

In the case of male pattern baldness or in dealing with special conditions as in alopecia treatment, resorting to Minoxidil, a hair loss product, may yield results, but strictly on medical advice. Mioxidil is a compound that has displayed ability stem hair fall and even regenerate hair growth, but not without its dose of side effects.

Any day, prevention is better than cure, but desperate times may call for proper measures in consultation with the doctor.