Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights

Hair Highlights

So many of the modern hairstyles we see today are sporting at least two or more colors. Gone are the days of natural hair colors and solid color dos. In are the days of highlights, low lights and just about every light in between. How did this fad come to be? It’s hard to say, it has been growing in popularity since the 1990’s and is not set to phase out any time soon.

There are many different looks and styles associated with hair highlights. There are subtle thin highlights that are just used around the face to accent the outline of the face and enhance the facial features. There are also highlights that have a chunkier look and are more dramatic.

Streams Of Golden Blond And Lighter Brown Colors

The placement of the highlights is also varied. You can get them just around your face, in the crown area, top, sides or any combination. The amount and placement of the highlights can be decided by the hairdresser and the person receiving the highlights. The colors used in highlighting can also vary greatly.

A popular look is the caramelized look that includes a rich darker base color and adds in streams of golden blond and lighter brown colors. The colors are placed so that they accent each other and create an overall look of blended color.

Drastic Look Of Black Hair With Bleach Blond

The individual look and color choices you choose are totally up to the creativity and ability of the hairdresser along with your imagination. Some people choose to go for the drastic look of black hair with bleach blond highlights that act as sort of a striping effect on the hair.

And highlighting does not stop with mere blond, brown and black colors – there are also vibrant bold colors that are used to give off more of a rebellious or punk look. Again, this is all up to the individual, and the desired look they are going for. It is good to note though, that the procedure of highlighting is not cheap.

You can expect to pay at least $100 or more in a typical salon for the hair treatment, and if you are in a ritzier salon, the price will be substantially higher. But if you are interested in creating a unique and personalized look, especially in the summer, hair highlights can give you the new look you are wanting.