Hair Growth Through Yoga

Hair Growth Through Yoga

Hair Growth Through Yoga

Although unbelievable at first, yoga stimulates hair growth.  This has been proven by several sources and is attributed to increased blood circulation in the scalp.  There are several products available on the market that promise to regrow hair through increased blood circulation.  Many yoga gurus believe that the key to hair growth is absent in Western medicine.

Yogic Postures

Camel Posture For Hair Growth

Yoga postures facilitate the reduction of extreme stress, indigestion, anxiety and poor blood circulation in the head, all of which can cause hair loss. One of the most common yoga postures is that in which the legs are raised in the air with the head resting on the ground.  The position increases blood circulation in the head and reduces tension.

Other yoga positions include the camel posture, down facing dog, bending straight forward, shoulder stand, vajrasana, and pawanmuktasana. All documented evidence shows that yoga is only beneficial for individuals when practiced regularly.

In addition To Yoga

Massaging Hair For Hair Growth

Yoga is an inexpensive way to stimulate hair growth. Most hair growth products that flood the market today seem to be extremely expensive and don’t lead to results. You can try massaging your hair with natural hair oil for three to five minutes. You can also opt for reflexology techniques, rubbing the fingernails of both hands for five minutes, two to three times a day.

Sit in your favorite yogic posture to improve your breathing and reduce stress levels.  These additional efforts can boost the effects of yoga on hair growth.  Try different strategies to find those that lead to the best results for your particular situation.

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet For Hair Growth

Along with all of the above, you need follow a healthy diet every day.  Your body needs essential proteins and nutrients to stimulate hair growth.  See to it that your diet is balanced every day. Healthy food will increase blood circulation and maintain hair growth.


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