Hair for a Hectic Life


hecticlifehairstyle Our lives have become so hectic that any little time saver is appreciated. One of the biggest time savers comes first thing in the morning when we spend time getting dressed and styling our hair for the day.

Most people probably take about an hour in the morning showering, styling their hair and dressing. What would you say if you could cut that time down?

Whittling down your morning prep time is possible. Many women have decided that it would make their mornings easier if they found a more compatible and easily maintained hairstyle.

There are many ways that you can wear your hair while keeping an even balance between time spent on it and versatility.

When you decide to make the move to an easier hairstyle there are a few things to keep in mind. First, add texture to your hair.  Use techniques to add volume to the hair or dress the hair up. Instead of just pulling your hair up into a ponytail, add volume to the crown of your head and then pull the hair back.

If you are accustomed to wearing long, straight hair but want to vary the look so that your hair is not always hanging straight, try some simple yet interesting hairstyles such as an upsweep.

Again, you will need to create volume which can be achieved by teasing the hair. You can also try slicking your hair back into a bun.

If you like to wear your hair short or mid-length, it is easier to wash-and-wear. Just add some gel to keep it in place.

Some women think that if they curl or perm their hair it will reduce the prep time in the morning. But think about it, you probably wash your hair almost every morning. So the curl is really only going to stay for a few days before you have to recurl it again. This can be avoided by covering the hair with a shower cap.

But remember, just because you are looking to save time does not mean that you have to sacrifice your appearance every morning.