Hair Conditioner


Any regular shampoo by itself is not sufficient if you want to keep your tresses beautiful. Most of us need more than a simple wash if we want our hair to be shining and beautiful.

Hair gets its shine by reflecting light. When the cuticles lie flat so that they overlap each other, this is possible. However, colouring, perming, exposing to heat and rough handling make the cuticles lift so that the hair ends up losing moisture and becoming dry. If the cuticles are severely damaged, then they break off causing the hair to become thinner and eventually break.

A conditioner becomes indispensable to maintain that natural shine and even to repair the damage that the hair has encountered. Except hot oils, conditioners should be otherwise applied to hair that has been freshly shampooed and dried with a towel.

Any supermarket or store has a wide range of conditioners and it can become difficult to select the right one for you. Here are a few basics about conditioners that will help you make a wise choice.

Basic conditioner

These will coat the hair with a fine film. However, they only temporarily smooth down the cuticle, thereby making the hair glossier and manageable. You should leave it in for a few minutes before washing it off.

Conditioning sprays

Used before styling, these sprays form a protective layer against heat exposure. They also reduce static electricity on flyaway hair.

Hot oils (E.F.As)

They are for deep, intensive and nourishing treatment. Oil will help with dry hair. EFAs are closest to scalp oil and transform dry porous hair into soft pliable hair. Massage the oil in wet hair and then finish by shampoo.

Intensive conditioner

These help the hair to retain its natural moisture balance. You might want to use this type of conditioner if your hair is split, dry, frizzy or difficult to manage. Simply leave it in your hair for 2-5 minutes before rinsing off with fresh water.

Leave-in conditioner

These stay in the hair and help to retain moisture. They reduce static and add shine. They are useful for fine hair because they prevent conditioner overload. They are easy-to-use and provide protection against heat exposure during styling.

Natural conditioners

Mayonnaise and olive oil are good natural conditioners. While using mayonnaise, you should use cool water because it will set in hot water and then it will be very difficult to remove.