Hair Colors


haircolor2 The easiest/quickest way to change your personal appearance is to get a new hair color. Use of hair colors, is now a fashion trend for all age groups, and not just for teenagers.

A hair color can be determined as per their impact on the hair. Hair colors depend on shades the color reflects to the eye. However, hair colors should suit every one; a brunette may look better in a hair color than a blonde may.

For drastically changing the hair color, it is best to consult a professional than doing it yourself. If unsure about hair colors take a temporary product that can be washed away easily.

Test small section of the hair and let it dry before deciding on the right color. Talk to those women who color their hair or even highlight the hair. Hair colors are available in permanent/semi-permanent styles with a variety of options in each.

Hair coloring should be applied in a way that complements the skin tone of a person. So a person with a lighter skin tone should not use extreme/very dark hair colors, as it can make them look paler. Similarly, dark skinned people should use only medium blonde/chestnut/honey hair colors.

Hair Coloring

Hair colors help give the user a quick option to change their image. Hair colors are a formulation made of hydrogen peroxide, which makes it easy to penetrate the cortex and get the color desired.

Semi-Permanent Colors

Semi-Permanent Colors gives a tone that highlights the individual’s natural hair and makes it darker. Most of the hair dyes are semi-permanent colors also called quasi-colors.

These semi-permanent colors contain ethanolamine and a low degree of peroxide that slightly opens the hair cuticle; as such, the hair color can last up to 20 washes, and then fades softly by the use of shampoo. Growth of hair is not a problem with semi-permanent colors.

Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors

The Semi-Permanent Vegetable Colors use vegetable extracts alongside natural ingredients. Called herbal hair colors they are available in various options but do not coat the color. These just add shine to the hairs surface and washes off with 8 to 10 shampoo applications.

Permanent Colors

Permanent Colors if used correctly, give out a beautiful effect than semi-permanent colors do. The permanent hair color penetrates the hair strand and does not wash away as a semi-permanent color does after application of a number of shampoos. However, permanent colors are not easy to remove as the natural color pigments get chemically altered.