Hair Breakage Reasons


If your hair breaks every now and then, you know that you have to treat your hair. But treating hair medically is not the solution to the problem; instead, you should know why the hair is breaking.
The questions of hair breakage or hair loss can be answered in different forms from different experts. However, in this article we reveal some real reasons behind breakage of hair.

The main causes of hair breakage can be summarized as the following:

Hereditary causes – It is possible that you are losing your hair because it is hereditary. Hair loss can happen because of family history. Another cause for hair breakage can be aging.

Imbalance of hormones – Imbalance of hormones can result in breakage of hair. Disease that is caused due to infection or illness can make hair break.

Testosterone hormone – In males, hair loss is mainly due to the hormone testosterone. The lack of this important male hormone can lead to breakage of hair. Also, inappropriate levels of this hormone can cause hair breakage. Another hormone that plays a role in this is known as DHT. DHT is a hormone that is responsible for hair thickness.

Stress – Even a sudden stress can lead to hair breakage or loss of hair. Also, twirling or biting the hair under stress can be a cause of hair breakage. These all can cause major hair loss or breakage.

Friction – Friction caused due to hair bands that are tight, wigs, and moreover hats can cause hair breaking. In infants, hair loss occurs mostly at the back of the head due to friction with the pillow. This hair loss in infants is known as telogen hairs (meaning the one that are meant to be shed). Hence, it is a harmless and temporary hair loss.

Disease of Skin – Diseases of skin such as discoid lupus erythematosus, lichen planus and scleroderma can cause scalp damage and lead to hair breakage, or can also lead to permanent hair loss.

Other major causes of hair loss are as follows:
•    Wrapping scarves even at night.
•    Tying ponytails or buns too tightly.
•    Developing split ends.
•    Hats, coats, of scarves that are made of synthetics or wool.
•    Using hair dryers often
•    Not caring for the hair
•    The brush used to comb hair is made of nylon.
•    Brushing wet hair
•    Styling hair often and more.

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