Hair and Skin Care during Pregnancy


Are you pregnant? There will be changes not only in your stomach area but also in your hair and skin. As in your teenage years you might develop acne and your hair might become uncontrollable. This is purely because of hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy and this can be put right by following some easy steps.

Women say that their hair is long and thick during pregnancy. This is because hair loss is minimal during pregnancy. Enjoy it because there can be severe hair fall after the baby has arrived. Do not go for a drastic change when you have a haircut.

It is better to  trim the hair rather than cutting it too short. Your face swells during pregnancy and long hair will help make the face look slender. A good layer cut will accentuate a face that is carrying all the pregnancy weight. And once you have had the baby it is difficult to get your hair cut regularly.

Ask your doctor if you can colour or streak your hair. Hair dyes may affect the baby. Hence it is better to avoid it. There are some doctors who do not object to highlighting as the chemicals do not touch the scalp.

Want to look great even after you have had the baby? Here are some tips. It is likely the hair will become extremely dry, so use a lot of conditioner. There can also be a lot of changes in the facial skin too. Also we all want to avoid stretch marks.

Hence consult your doctor and use the right products. A good cleanser will help in reducing problems with acne. As acne products have a tendency to dry the skin, take care to use the right ones. Use products that moisturize the skin well so that the natural oil in the skin is retained. This way your skin will glow.

Do not neglect your expanding tummy. Stretch marks are inevitable; however they can be minimized by using cocoa butter creams. Massaging regularly with these creams help.

Follow these easy steps and make sure you feel great before and after pregnancy.