3 Cool New Hair Style For Guys

Cool New Hair Style For Guys

Cool New Hair Style For Guys

Men are as conscious as women when it comes to looks. They like to pamper themselves with their new hair style. Most men are very adventurous, they like to try out every new style that comes in the market. The new fashion era has changed them entirely. For all those who want to try out different hair style, here are various options.

Do not to rely on any ordinary salon, go to good hairstylist who can give you that perfect look that suits your face. Decide what haircut to get; your style should suit your personality as well.

Straight Hair Can Go For Enrique’s Style

Those with straight hair can go for Enrique’s style or cut it in usual style which is an ever-green fashion. If you are looking for funky and trendy styles, then you can for long and spiky ones. Long hair style is in, but it doesn’t suit every one. Taller men can carry it better than the shorter ones.

Curly Maggi Hair For Guys

Curly maggi hair should be trimmed properly; they look good if the length is at the shoulder level. For a friend’s party, you can go for Duncan James style, it looks cool. Careful, choose something that suits you. Your hair cut can bring completely different look, in fact, it changes your whole appearance.

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Duncan James Style

To find out what hair cut to get, you can refer magazines, fashion TV etc. When you are going for a cut make sure you get your desired style. Gelling hair is yet another way to get wet look. Leave Mithun Chakraborty’s  era  behind and come to the world of  Habbibs.