Growing Tomatoes Upside Down


There is nothing to compare to the taste of a homegrown, vine-ripened tomato. Even if your space is limited, you can grow tomatoes at home by taking advantage of an interesting new technique: growing tomatoes upside down! Tomatoes are fairly easy to grow when compared to other fruits. When a little preparation and planning, you can have delicious tomatoes right at hand all summer long.

Materials You Will Need
•    One tomato plant seedling, species of your choice
•    One 5-gallon plastic bucket with handle and lid
•    Soil and compost
•    Sphagnum moss, newspaper or coffee filters
•    A small drill
•    Material for hanging the bucket

•    Make sure your bucket is clean and dry.
•    Using a bit that will produce a 2 to 3 inch diameter hole, drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket.
•    Lie the bucket on its side with the hole exposed. Line the bottom of the bucket with sphagnum moss, newspaper or coffee filters to help hold the seedling in place.
•    Gently place the seedling in the bucket and thread the leaves and stems through the hole you drilled. About 2 inches of the stem should protrude from the opening. If the seedling is in a container, remove it now.
•    Make sure the sphagnum moss or other lining material holds the seedling in place. Once the roots begin to spread that will anchor the plant.
•    Holding the plant in place as necessary, add soil to the bucket. Carefully spread the seedling roots in the soil being careful not to damage them.
•    After you have added several inches of soil, spread on about 2 cups of compost. Then add the remaining soil until you are within a few inches of the top of the bucket.
•    Hang the bucket upside down and water it until water starts running out the bottom hole. You may need to add more soil as it compacts due to watering.
•    Place the lid loosely on the bucket and hang the bucket in the location you have chosen for it. The lid will help slow moisture loss and protect the plant during heavy rain.
•    Regularly water and feed your plant, and soon you will have healthy homegrown tomatoes!

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