Grow orchids at home


One of the popular flowers in the world is an Orchid. This is the most diverse and largest family in the flowering plant kingdom. It is mostly popular because it can be simply found in varied range of colors like yellow, red, purple, orange, brown, green and even rare shades of blue. Orchids are also famous for their mimic looks because they include various shapes like butterflies, kites, lady’s slipper, birds etc. The existence of these flowers can easily adorn your garden and home.

The most common Orchids that can grow in you home are cymbidiums, dendrobiums, moth orchids, oncidium, cattleya and spelndidum. By keeping few key factors in mind like temperature, amount of light, humidity, rich nutrients, ventilation etc you can have the blossom of Orchids in your home. So, to grow the unique and stylish Orchids in your home use the following guidelines.

In order to grow Orchids with correct amount of humidity, easy and best way is filling the tray with water and pebbles. Thereafter, use stands to set Orchids pots in that tray. Try to put the pots in a manner by which the bottom of pots may not lay actually in the water. You can also spray water mist in order to increase more humidity. Avoid the above process in winters.

Once the desired conditions available for Orchids they gradually start growing. Therefore, add some good quality of fertilizers that are water-soluble, so that you can have quality flowers.

One of the most important factors for healthy growth of Orchids is watering. If you over water them, then they would die soon because their roots are efficient to store water, especially in winters. So, in winters water them once a week only.

As you know that the light is one of the key factors that are responsible for the health of Orchid plants. So, place them in an area where they can get most of the light mainly in summers. For the supply of good nutrients to the plants you can buy specific type of potting soil that is specially formulated for Orchids. Do not ignore the proper ventilation, so place them where they can have fresh air.

In last but not least avoid growing Orchids from seeds because by such procedure you would have to wait for about 3 to 5 years for the germination of seeds and their bloom.

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