Grow a Bonsai


Many people think that planting any plant in small pot is a Bonsai plant. However, such process is not enough to convert a plant to Bonsai. In order to create any Bonsai plant of either plants or shrubs involve continual shaping and pruning so that desired style can be achieved.

Common plants that are mainly used for Bonsai are Ironwood, Silky Oak, Bottlebrush, Crepe Myrtle, She Oak and Fig. You can also have other choices to grow Bonsais. Here are some tips that can be used while selecting any plants for Bonsai:
•    The plant should have enough material to work with, therefore prefer a plant or shrub that has many branches.
•    If the plant has wide trunk especially if it is wider from its base then this plant is a good option.
•    The plant that you have selected should have natural small leaves.
•    Also keep in mind that the lowest branches of plant should start close to the ground.
•    If you would like to add illusion of plant aging, then prefer a plant that has radiating roots.
•    And be sure that the selected plant is completely healthy.

After the above factors, now its time to choose the correct pot for plant! Only choose shallow pots if the plant has thick trunk. The plants with wider trunk require deeper pots. The pots should have fine drainage holes as well. In addition, you can also select the texture and color of pot that would match to your plant. Once you have selected the plant and pot you are ready to grow a Bonsai.

The very first step to grow Bonsai is to plant your selection in large pot or in ground until it becomes matured. This step helps to speed up the growth of your plant and also provide strength to the roots. Continuously prune the plant in order to increase mass of branches.

After the satisfactory growth of the plant, prepare the pot by covering its drainage holes with thin fabric or insect screening. This process prevents the clogging of soil from pot especially while watering the plant. Pour the potting mixture after the above process. Always select the outdoor plant mixture because Bonsai plants are outdoor plants mainly. Give style to the plant when you remove it from its earlier location.

When the plant is removed from pot, then with the help of stick try to loosen the soil that is present around its roots. Scrape up the old soil more than half. Thereafter, trim the roots that are extra or exposing out from the remaining soil with the help of scissors. Now, place the plant into the pot and then pour rest of the mixture in the pot.

You can decorate the top of potting mixture with small stones and pebbles, fine barks and moss. Later you can add shape to the trunk of plant by wire. Tie the wire around the trunk as per the desired shape. Keep continuous trimming and pruning, you can see the results when plant matures.

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