Groin Pain In Pregnancy

Groin pain in pregnancy

Groin pain in pregnancy

Pregnancy is that time period when there are several changes that occur in woman’s body. As these changes are mainly internal, women feel quite uncomfortable and suffer from pain, allergies, headaches, morning sickness, etc. In addition, they also have changes in their mood like sometime they become happy while sometime they feel depressed and frustrated.

There are several pains that women face during pregnancy. Groin pain in pregnancy is one out of them. Some women feel slight twinge on either side of groin. However, it may happen that they feel more pain at one side as compared to another side. Generally, GP answers for such pain that it is due to ectopic pregnancy. So, what is the actual reason behind such abdominal and groin pain while pregnancy?

The muscles as well as ligaments that hold the uterus at its exact place would stretch in order to make enough space for growing baby. Thus, it leads to some pain in abdomen and groin. However, there are several other reasons which may also be responsible for early pregnancy abdominal pain as well as groin pain.

Abdominal Pain

Groin pain in pregnancy feels like very sharp pain, usually at one side of your groin. This pain mostly occurs from 12 weeks or it can occur in earlier weeks of pregnancy. Thus, at this time you require doctor’s consultancy. However, generally it is usual and so you need not to worry at all.

Pain in groin may also be a sign of symphysis-pubis dysfunction. This mainly happens due to the pregnancy hormones that cause relaxation of ligaments. This symptom would appear from 12th week of your pregnancy and continue onwards. It often feels like muscles spasm.

Ectopic Pregnancy

During pregnancy most of the women suffer from infection in urinary tract. Thus, abdominal or groin pain may also be a symptom of such infection also. So, if it is because of such reason, then your GP would be able to diagnose as well as can treat it easily.

It is also a symptom of ectopic pregnancy as suggested above as well. In ectopic pregnancy, fertilized egg grows in Fallopian tube, especially if your pain is associated with some bleeding.

So, if you are worried about your regular pain, then consult your GP. Take suitable measures in order to have painless and healthy pregnancy period.