Great ways to put some fire into your sex life.

menhavebettersex Are you trying to rekindle some of the passion that you’ve lost from your relationship? Perhaps you’re satisfied with your sex life but want to improve. You can only help by trying to make things better.

If you are looking for a way to increase the pleasure and happiness that you are getting out of sex, here are some great tips.

Foreplay is as important as penetration.

That is right, you should realise that the orgasm is the final goal. Just because you are working towards an ultimate climax, it does not mean that you should rush things.

The final goal is the orgasm but it is not the ultimate goal of sex. Why do you have sex? Unless you are trying to have a baby, the reason you have sex is for pleasure.

Having sex makes us all feel great. Foreplay is a way to heighten the pleasure and give you an ever better climax. Many men are guilty of rushing foreplay or skipping it entirely. The sex is the best part right? If you are going into the bedroom with this attitude, your partner is most likely not being satisfied.

You need to build up to sex slowly.

Start with some tender kissing, rubbing and caressing. The hands and fingers are wonderful tools of pleasure and can give your partner many great new sensations. Of course oral sex is a very popular type of foreplay.

Remember that you can use your entire body to communicate during sex. Feel your partner. Notice how their body interacts with yours. Enjoy the moment, live in the moment.

Get things off to a solid start and when you finally do penetrate, it is going to be much, much better. This is one of the best ways to improve your overall sexual performance – focus on the foreplay. Trust me, you will drive your partner wild and enjoy many nights of ecstatic bliss.

To have better sex – tell your partner what you want.

That’s right, communication people! If you want to let someone know what feels good, tell them. Do not get bossy. An open path of communication is essential to any relationship.

Ask what your partner enjoys. Find out what their favourite parts of sex are. Use this to make sex even better for them. If you show some extra attention and care, then your partner will probably do the same. Giving and receiving pleasure is what makes sex so good.