Great Methods Proven to Naturally Grow Your Hair


naturalgrowhair Hair transplant is a popular method of growing hair. It started in the 1950s and for the last few decades, it has become very popular. The problem with this method is it is expensive and most people have the wrong idea about the whole method.

In this treatment, the hair that is added to the bald area is not taken from any other place; it is taken from your own scalp. It is basically moving some of your hair from one part of the scalp to the area where there is less hair. So basically, you are spreading your baldness all over the scalp, and nothing else.

Here it should be mentioned that this is not a safe method either. Studies show that many people have complained about skin infection and irritation.

So why spend big bucks on something that is not safe. Let your hair grow naturally. It might sound a bit odd, especially to those who are facing severe hair loss. But this is actually possible.

All you have to do is follow the natural remedies and wait for them to show their magic.

The first rule to let your hair grow naturally is to let the hair have all the nutrients it needs. For that, you need to have proper meals. A proper meal does not mean having good amounts of fruits, vegetables, and fish.

It means having three meals a day. Do not skip a meal. By doing so you will deprive your body of the food, it needs. In other words, your hair will suffer and starve as well.

The importance of nutrition has already been mentioned. The hair needs a good amount of zinc, biotin, vitamins, protein etc. you have to have the food that contains ample of these nutrients. This will help the hair to grow and survive.

Along with the proper meal, the hair needs something extra. Here is where massage comes in. Massage your scalp with any natural or essential oils. For better results, use coconut oil or castor oil. Both are excellent for the hair.

Last but not the least keep your scalp clean. But this does not mean you have to shampoo everyday. That will take away the natural oil of the scalp and make your hair dry and lifeless.