Good Habits For Healthy Skin


Healthy skin reflects beauty and health. Women specially relate their beauty to their skin. Now that winter is coming, don’t forget to make a good plan for your skin. The extreme temperatures can immensely damage your skin textures so it is important to take utmost care.  Basic thing is to know your skin type and accordingly you can take preventive measures. Plus once skin type is recognized it becomes easy to maintain.

Nourish and nurture your health and skin by developing a good habit. However, perfect harmony of body and mind are also key to a beautiful skin.

Here are some of the good habits one should follow:
Eat balanced diet; good food habit is essential for your inner metabolic activity.
It enhances healthy body and mind. Vitamin-C is the most effective cure for any skin problems like chapped skin and cracked lips during winter. It is available in citrus fruits and milk.

Good winter cream prevents chapped, cracked skin so apply creams regularly. Maintain a routine to follow your skin regime. Apply good moisturizer and cold cream before sleeping and after washing your face properly. Wear sunscreen during the day to prevent harmful effects of UV-rays.

Make a habit to drink water; it restores water lost from the body.
To remain fit and strong, take a walk or do regular exercises. It regulates blood circulation and checks oxygen supply in the veins.

Visiting a dermatologist is not bad idea.