Golden Tips To Treat A Guy On Date

how to treat guy on date

how to treat guy on date Dating is a new experience in the lives of men and women who have just reached their teens. This process continues further with age. It is more suitable to say that dating has no age.

While on one hand, a man of eighteen years can date, a woman of fifty years is also entitled to date on the other hand, if she feels that she is still young at heart. Dating is not being committed in a relationship in such a way that you have to get married.

But, at the same time, some dates do turn out to be real loves of live and future marriage partners. It could be rightly said that dating is an art and you need to know the techniques to make your partner mad about you and remain mesmerized in your charms.

Here are some tips for the women reading this article about the ways you should behave with a guy on date. That way you will remain a ‘diva’ in his eyes and not just another passing character.

Tip no. 1 – Have The Right Attitude

Your attitude is something that is countable everywhere. So, in case of dating you must be confident. You must give an impression to the other person that you are well aware of what you are doing and are quite independent to handle your own decisions. Don’t behave too submissively as today’s men like bold and smart women.

Tip no. 2 – Encourage Him To Talk

tips to treat guys on date

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Another golden rule for successful dating is not to talk alone, but be a listener too. Encourage the man to talk too. That has a plus point for you. You will get an idea of the background, tastes and preferences of the guy and can conclude whether he is compatible with you or not. If the man is given chance to talk, he will feel you are interested in his conversation.

Tip no.3 – Talk On Issues Other Than Love, Dating And Sex

While you talk, do not stick on to issues that only concern love, sex and dating. That way you will give an impression to the man that you are one track minded. Rather, encourage different other topics like popular news, political conditions of your country, the fashion of the recent times, technology, etc. These are some of the boyish topics your man will not get bored to talk on for hours. In the process he will find it interesting to talk to you as you offer variety.

Tip no. 4 – Do Not Be Too Haughty

When I say you to be confident, do not mistake it with being haughty. Never try to dominate him while talking to him. Never show any such body language that exhibits your arrogance and rigidity. Also, do not try to criticize him or treat him as your inferior. Men do not like to be treated as subordinates in the hands of women. You must realize you are not his office boss but his dating partner.

Tip no. 5 – Do Not Be Too Personal

Most women have a typical habit of poking their noses into matters that they need not know. Some of them are so nosy that they would also provide unnecessary suggestions. Do not do all those while on a date. Unless and until you are asked for, there is no need to give ‘expert advices’. In your turn too, do not open your heart out in front of the guy.

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