Go For Self Manicure


To define your fingers and hands you don’t have to rely on beauticians always and you can become the beauty expert of your own. There are different purposes that people go for manicure such as hang nail; deformities nail formations, to prevent nail damages like splits, tears and fragile nails, to improve the hands and to increase the blood circulation, stop wrinkles and rough skin on the edge of your fingers.

All the above problems can be cured with the help of manicure. However, since you are for self manicure you need to have all the needed materials before you start so that you don’t have to face any shortages. Yes, they are nail cutter, nail filer, oranges stick, and cuticle pusher and nail brush. Make sure you have them. Besides, you also need to have acetone, liquid soap or shampoo, oil of cream for softening your hands, warm water, antiseptic lotion and don’t forget about nail polish.

Now the real procedure to begin, you start with removing the old polish with the help of acetone using cotton. Shape your nails by using nail filer and nail cutter. Deep your hand in Luke warm water in which soap or shampoo is added to make your skin soft so that it becomes easy to remove the flesh hanging. Now wash your hands with cold clear water and wipe with clean towel. Clean your nail using orange stick and cotton dipped in antiseptic lotion. Buff the cuticle with cream.

Using the cuticle pusher just push the cuticle back and massage the hands for five minutes. Now apply the first coat of nail polish and after a while give second coat. Do not dab but stroke in on. Make sure you don’t dry them in a hurry. This will mass up the smoothness so let the colour dry by itself and take sufficient time.