Go For Natural Herb Henna


Pure is the other version of natural thing and impure is the real version of chemically blended thing or product. Strengthen your hair with henna or natural remedy rather than opting for the chemicals. You can use henna for dyeing your hair and healing problems as well. It has got dual purposes. It is free from any chemical mixture extracted from natural herbs.

Using henna is a bit long process but it is helpful for the following problems. Make paste and apply henna for about an hour or two some even keep it for threes hours. However, if you don’t want to get colour and you are using to just get rid off problems you can keep it for an hour. Then wash off. While application, make sure you don’t use shampoo; they say it’s not advisable.

You can heal burn from henna paste, just apply the paste in the affected area and you get the relief immediately. This also reduces the chance of getting infection. If you are ulcer patient then it is a must to use henna.

You can treat warts and herpes from henna. It is also said that it can be used to heal other body problems. It acts as anti viral and can be used for the treatment.

The benefits of henna are many. You use it for hair dyeing. It can be mixed with olive oil to soften hair. Hibiscus and tea are mixed in order to get the red colour. If you don’t want colour then you just go for the conditioning your hair. Lemon can be used along with the henna to give light colour.

Henna is good for anti-hemorrhage and it is perfect for reliving pains. One can even treat sore throat. Use natural thing for natural result.