Glamour Photography

Glamour Photography

There are many people who will find glamour photography and fashion photography to be different. Although, there are certain aspects that may be similar about them but glamour photography is more about photographing a model in order to bring out definite key aspects. Another important fact about glamour photography is the fact that it is not done for endorsement purposes. Glamour photography is romantic, sexy form of photography that is generally meant to be erotic without being pornographic. Posing for such photographs has been common for movie stars and models for years.

Glamour shots are sultry photos that at times include nude shots also. The first subjects to glamour shots were the Pin-up girls of 1940s. Although glamour shots are at times interceded with pornography, the fact is that, both are entirely separate ventures. Glamour shots are supposed to be erotic and suggestive but not unequivocally pornographic. Glamour photography produces an atmosphere of sexiness and romance without crossing boundaries.

You may find the professional glamour photographs have a studio that is filled with expensive cameras, props and backdrops. It is essential to keep in mind that stunning glamour shots can also be achieved without these equipments. In fact, most of the glamour photographers prefer to work at an outside location with simple equipments. The best locations considered for glamour photography are sands of Jamaica and Amazon rainforests. Natural and exotic locations are considered best for glamour photographs and an amateur glamour photographer can do great with a digital camera of good quality that has adjustable light settings.

One important difference between any regular Photo shoot and glamour photography is the fact that glamour photography helps in bringing out the side of you that may be hidden otherwise. Professional glamour photographers may refer to it as creating an ‘alter ego.’ As a glamour model, it is important to set up your comfort zone and think like a different person. Before posing for glamour shots, it is important to get your makeup and hair done by a professional makeup artist and make sure that you look your very best. You’ll need to change several outfits but make sure that you give your best in all of them.