Gift Buying For The Boss


It’s an age-old dilemma that comes up several times a year. What to buy for your boss on his / her birthday, company anniversary, engagement, birth of a child, or simply to celebrate the holiday season? The occasions for gift-giving are endless and just as endlessly challenging.Whether, you are looking to buy a birthday gift, anniversary gift, Christmas gift, baby shower gift, new born baby gifts, valentine gift or New Year’s gift, even Boss’s Day gift for your boss, you wouldn’t want to buy a gift that is too personal or excessively exorbitant. That would only embarrass the receiver of your largesse, but neither do you wish to appear tight fisted in the eyes of your boss or peers at work.

Since, you work with your boss; you know him / her and may have some ideas, some knowledge about their personal tastes and interests, while you haven’t much of a clue about what they already have. Why add to their collection of unwanted gifts lying in the garage or the basement of their house.

If, it’s going to be a group gift and you have been designated as the purchaser of the boss’s gift, you not only have to please the boss but also those contributing to the gift. So, why not solicit gift ideas from the group, get them to brainstorm, approach a friend or family member of the boss as to what would be most appropriate and appreciated.

A unique gift idea is to commemorate the good times and successes at work by buying a memory book and getting the entire staff to write comments and share high points of the year. Put together a scrap book with photographs of staff activities, company product advertisements from magazines, positive notes from customers, and memory notes from staff. Or, else gift cards can also save the day when you are stuck with what gift to give your boss.

A gift that can be used at home is the best gift of all, as it won’t put the pressure on your boss to use or display it in the office. Now that you know how to buy a gift for your boss, go ahead and gift it, before it’s too late!