Getting Ready to Have a Baby


pregnantpregnant Are you planning to have a baby? Then there are a lot of things that you need to do. You might not have to change your lifestyle completely but then you have to make some alterations.

Becoming pregnant can be a very exasperating thing for a lot of women. Each woman will have a distinctive cycle. She will be fertile only in a particular period of the month.

An egg will be released from a woman, fourteen days prior to the commencement of her next periods. That is called the ovulation period and it is at this time she has all probabilities to become pregnant.

You should go in for a aerobic work out program before you become pregnant. Walking and swimming are excellent and work well for pregnancy. They are not hard on the baby and they are also good for your joints. Avoid work outs that will increase the heart beat per minute to more than 140.

You should start having healthy food. Follow a good diet and have meals three times a day. Those meals should only comprise of a variety of healthy foods. You need to ask advise from you doctor and increase your weight if you are underweight. Similarly you need to reduce if your weight is excess before pregnancy.

Consuming folic acid before pregnancy is mandatory because it minimizes the chances of nervous system disorders. You should have foods like leafy vegetables which have a very good amount of folic acid in it.

You can have folic acid supplements also. Also have a multivitamin and calcium every day. However avoid Vitamin A because it is not good for the fetus. Sometimes it can give rise to some fetal defects.

Quit smoking if you have that habit. Smoking is very harmful for the baby. It also reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Avoid nicotine gums and patches also. Alcohol and drugs also should be completely avoided. Otherwise it will be very harmful for the baby.

Take the necessary vaccinations before getting pregnant. You have to get a revaccination for measles if you were born before 1980’s. Take tetanus shots as advised by the doctor.

It is good to take these preventive measures prior to pregnancy so that you will have a smooth pregnancy and also have a hail and healthy baby.