Getting into fashion


fashion A lot of youngsters these days have an ambition of getting into fashion as a stylist. No profession is perfect or as rosy as it may seem. Designing too has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages: The main advantage is that you get to meet celebrities and will be well known. You can also have the creative freedom and satisfaction of being your own master in addition to traveling allover the world. The most fulfilling advantage is that you get to create your own designs.

Disadvantages: There are a lot of disadvantages too in this profession. Once you become famous, your life will be under public scrutiny and the press will be following you constantly.

It requires a lot of courage to handle adverse publicity. And working with celebrities is not exactly a cakewalk. You will have to handle their various quirks, demands and manage their tantrums and whining. This is especially difficult if you are a sensitive person.

Traveling might get difficult once you have a family. You must be able to handle all feedback well whether positive or negative. You must be ready to work very hard and have a passion for designing. A mere interest will not help you sustain in the industry.

Getting Started: If despite all the disadvantages you still wish to design, get oriented with the latest fashion trends. Start with designing with friends. A good designer not only designs clothes and accessories but also suggests hair and makeup.

Get a good idea of colors, how to mix and match them, learn to make and remake clothes. Detailing is essential. A course in designing would be of tremendous help.

Job opportunities: Getting an initial breakthrough is not easy in designing. A lot of patience is required and it depends on your social skills. The pay is not great in the beginning but gets better.

If you land an interesting job with good pay you can be rest assured opportunities will come knocking at your door.

If despite all the disadvantages and difficulties you have to face, you still wish to become a designer then nothing can stop you.