Get That Fine Eye Brow Shape

Tips To Get Fine Eye Brow Shape

Tips To Get Fine Eye Brow Shape

We always hang around with our eye brows problems and we all are very typically practical about the shapes of the eye brows. Everything but no compromization with looks, this is the attitude every women carry. Yes, absolutely true, we all want every thing in perfect.

So ladies here are few fantastic tips on how to shape up your eye brows. It is true your eye brow shape does make difference on your face. Some faces go well with the thin shape and some with medium shape; nevertheless it varies from person to person.

refine your eye brows

The first step is to refine your eye brows is to take a brush and comb it upward. See that you trim the excessive longer hair that grows above the natural eye brow arch. Take a mirror and look at the shape closely to find out if there is some misshape to be redone. Always go for the shape that will suit your facial shape. Otherwise it makes you appear very odd when you have done wrong eye brow shape.

To avoid skin redness you must cleans the area around the eye brows. Wipe with soaked stringent cotton. Before plucking take a pencil and draw a line where your natural eye brow arch finishes. Do not deviate from the line otherwise it looks very ugly. Once the line is drawn you can make your own shape in whichever you want it to be.

draw a line

Make sure you don’t pluck your eye brow lines something stupid. The shape of eye brows can tell one’s personality in some cases. While handling tweezers make sure that you hold it at the forty five degrees angle. First remove all the strays down the line.  Pull skin upward direction for the convenience. If you have spares area, fill it with freshly sharpened pencil. Go out as if you have done it from the town’s famous beautician.