Get Rid of Blackheads


A specific type of acne, blackheads are oil plugs that develop in the pores of the skin and detract from the beauty of an otherwise blemishless skin. There is no age discrimination where blackheads are concerned; both adults and adolescents are prone to them. Often, the most asked question is: “How can I get rid of my blackheads!” Well, it is not as difficult as one would think, rather exfoliation, extraction and a thorough skin cleansing strategy is the answer to this most common of problems.

Prevention is better than cure, so you will be wise to adopt the following in your skin cleansing routine:
1. Change your pillow covers every other day to prevent an oil build-up on it.
2. While showering, turn up the heat as high as you can stand. There are also facial steamers designed specifically for this purpose only.
3. Keep your face clean by washing it twice a day no more with a gentle soap. Too much washing can dry out the skin, leading to wrinkles.
4. Follow a healthy diet; eliminate junk food as greasy food can cause acne and blackheads, though never been scientifically proven.
5. Just like pillow covers, change towels on a daily basis to prevent oil and dirt build-ups of oil on previously used towels.

Keep blackheads at bay by using a blackhead cleanser, rinsing your face thoroughly and using a toner meant to tighten the pores. AHA (Alpha Hydroxyl Fruit Acids) creams have been found useful in clearing away dead skin cells and helping to expose blackheads, if any. It has been found that a lotion made of equal parts of lime juice, almond oil and glycerin applied to the face not only cures blackheads, but discolour spots also disappear, as well. It seems applying warm honey to trouble spots and rinsing the face after ten or fifteen minutes, seems to get rid of unsightly blackheads too.

However remember, rinsing your face with warm water opens the pores, or placing a hot, wet face cloth over the face for ten minutes, helps bring blackheads to the surface. Wash your face with warm water and soap, then rinse with cold water to close the opened pores. After which, you can use an oil free moisturizer to get rid of that tight skin feeling!

But, the best way to keep your skin blemish and blackhead free is to use a good quality exfoliator daily if your skin can stand it, or every other day. Exfoliators get rid of dead skin cell build-ups, allowing your pores to breathe and preventing blackhead formations.

Get rid of blackheads by following a cleansing regimen that includes keeping your skin oil and dirt free, exfoliating and used a facial steamer or hot, wet washcloth applied to the face for ten minutes.