Get involved with your child’s schooling


involvedchildschool Parents and teachers together help shape a child and their future. The efforts of the teachers and parents are complementary to each other to develop a well rounded person. Parents can get involved and elicit a teacher’s help for their ward to ensure that this happens.

The understanding between parents and teachers can begin at the beginning of the school year. The parent needs to take the opportunity to inform the teacher of the child’s background, interests, and allergies or any prevailing health condition.

Ensure that the child completes all tasks that are assigned to be done at home in a timely and orderly fashion. Being respectful and obedient to the teachers must be taught at home.

Hear out the child in case of any problems at school and try to help him/her get over it without being too critical and judgmental. Also, ensure the child is not being picked on by a teacher or bullied by other children. Take up the issue with the head of the institution, where warranted.

Update the teachers on any new interests and talents that you may have noticed in your child. The teacher can use this knowledge to hone the skills of the child. Conversely, parents must not impose their wishes and ambitions on the child.

They should consult the teachers and identify any hidden aptitude and interest and thereafter. Approach the school seeking gifted programs in case the child has exceptional levels of skill in any particular area.

Parents and teachers should watch for behavioral problems. These can be related to family circumstances such as divorce, death, or illness. Teachers can also help identify other behavioral problems such as ADD, ADHD, hearing, eye disorders. These will provide vital clues for treatment and care for the child.

It is imperative for parents to be involved in the child’s schooling, which includes, school policies, fees structures, curriculum, and extra curricular activities.

Joining the parents’ network and the PTA will allow a parent to be actively involved in the child’s schooling and getting to know the people outside the house who influence his/her value system and impart knowledge.