Get A Slim Body

Ways To Get A Slim Body

Ways To Get A Slim Body

There are a lot of things we learn in life. We learn to walk, talk, eat and reproduce. In addition to such basic things, we also learn to select, impress, make love to, and avoid women. However, there is something that men hate but no one teaches us about. That is love handles.

You Need A Low Fat Body

Low Fat Body

It is better you forget about those things called miracle diets and training programs. There is only one way of trimming down: cutting down your fat and carbohydrate consumption. The model we normally see on the screens and in magazines and labels have only 2% body fat, while the average man has about 15% to 20% body fat. It is not realistic to imagine that all men will look like a super model overnight. Therefore any attempt to trim down should be slow and steady.

Here are certain suggestions you can follow.

Take A Sampled Diet

Sampled Diet

You can increase your protein intake by consuming low fat meats like chicken, fish, lean red meat and eggs. Eat whole grains and vegetables instead of starchy foods like rice, potatoes and pasta. Eat less salt. This is because much of body weight is made up of water retained by the body due to high salt levels. Let fruits and water satisfy your cravings for food.

You can achieve great results in a matter of weeks if you follow these tips. You will realise that you now have more muscles than you used to have. You will be envied by your fellow men, while the women die for you. You must bear in mind that diet alone is not enough to loose weight; exercise is needed. It should be a daily routine.

Further Tips

Avoid Saturated Fat

You must know that diet plays a major role in how you look. You must check on the fat content of what you eat by reading the labels carefully. There are some foods that contain very high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol. The only purpose of these foods is to fatten you up. Once you are aware of that, you will soon have that attractive body that all ladies desire.


  • im 21m ….my face looks like im 30….and i look fat……please suggest me

  • please minimize your eating or stop eating fat foods and walk when u talk.

  • Hanssa

    I’m 20….my weight is 56..i would like to decreasemy weight..can u suggest me.

  • karishma

    do not eat those foods which contain very heigh level of saturatsd fad

  • kari

    please control those food which contain very heigh level of saturated fat and cholesterol

  • kshitija

    Avoid watching TV. It increases the weight.