Genes that signals fat storage, identified


London – Scientists at Gladstone Institutes of Cardiovascular Disease (GICD) and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), have uncovered the genetic determinants responsible for fat storage in cells.

This discovery may further help researchers better understand obesity, diabetes, and heart disease and in finding their potential treatments as well. It’s long been identified that lipid droplets are concerned in structuring up fats in cells and the scholars have been targeting a lot on the genes concerned in droplet biology.

In this research, scholars in the laboratories of Drs. Robert V. Farese, Jr., of Gladstone and UCSF, and Peter Walter, of UCSF, have come up with a genetic screen that may help in knowing the genes contributing to fat storage in cell of fruit flies, and potentially other species.

“For some time, we have been studying the enzymes that make fats. But obviously, we need to know a lot more about the most essential course that regulate cellular fat storage to be able to make progress on some very grave human diseases,” Nature quoted Dr. Farese, senior investigator, as saying.

To their revelation, the scholars discovered that about 1.5 % of all genes add towards lipid droplet formation and regulation. Al these genes came out to be determinants of the size and number of lipid droplets in cells.

These recent researches will not only lead to important advances in percepting the procedure that control fat metabolism in cells, but it will also help the scholars to find novel therapeutic targets for treating diseases, like obesity and diabetes mellitus.

“With this screen completed, the work turns now to many fascinating questions. How are lipid droplets formed” What regulates their size, numbers, and cellular locations” Do they help to traffic lipids inside the cell” How does this cell biology recount to physiology and disease” These are early days in this area of biology, and the field is wide open,” said Dr. Guo.


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