Gastritis Treatments

Gastritis Treatments

The symptoms of Gastritis can be prevented to a great extent if you change your lifestyle habits to include keeping away from alcohol, coffee, drugs, so that it does not deteriorate into peptic ulcers. You should also practice relaxation through yoga, tai chi or meditation and similar methods.

Depending on the reasons for manifestation of Gastritis, treatment has to be planned. Normally some of these Gastritis problems will resolve on their own, over a period of time. It will also vanish when you keep off from alcohol, smoking and other causative factors. Change the dietary habits, though bland diets aren’t recommended anymore by doctors. You may have to be put on antibiotics, if the condition is caused by infection of H Pylori.

If your Gastritis is due to irritants that you are using, like alcohol, Tobacco, caffeinated beverages, NSAIDS like Ibuprofen, you have to stop using them. To get a relief from Gastritis, you should eat a diet having rich-fiber foods having falconoid like Celery, Apple, Onions, Garlic etc. Keep away from foods having high fat content.

If the Gastritis is due to H. pylori bacteria, there is a treatment known as “Triple Therapy” which includes two antibiotics and one proton pump inhibitor. Instead of second antibiotic, you can use Bismuth Salicylate, which can be purchased over the counter, since it can sooth stomach.

Try Antacids as they can relieve dyspepsia but may not be able to treat ulcers. Similarly, H2 blockers can reduce gastric secretions and so will the proton-pump-inhibitors. Though doctors recommend consumption of tasteless food along with milk, that too in small quantities, that kind of dietary regimen is not needed for treating Gastritis.

To control Gastritis, you should eat foods having flavonoids, antioxidants, Calcium and Vitamin-B; while avoiding refined food, less intake of red meats but more of lean meat, cold water fish, etc. Oils that you use must be healthy oils like vegetable oils. Keep off Trans fatty acids found in baked food and avoid beverages which can irritate stomach like alcohol, carbonated drinks etc.

Plenty of water should be taken and right type of exercise is required. Gastritis is an inflammation of stomach linings and therefore right type of food which does not produce more acid and irritate the stomach should be the first priority.

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