6 Garlic Remedies For Pain & Arthritis

Garlic Remedies For Pain & Arthritis

Garlic is being used for pain and arthritis from the very ancient time. It is very effective for arthritis and other pains because garlic has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. One sulfur compound named as thiacremonone found in garlic helps to counter inflammation in between your joints which is the cause of arthritis and other pains.

Moreover, garlic stimulates blood circulation and improves immunity system. Garlic contains selenium, an antioxidant which helps to fight free radicals, which is one of the causes of arthritis and other damages. Garlic can be eaten cooked or raw according to your choice. This article will help you to know different uses of garlic in arthritis and other pains.

Garlic Remedies For Pain & Arthritis

Raw Garlic

Raw Garlic

You may eat garlic raw. Take 2-3 cloves of garlic. Crush them, place them in your mouth and swallow them. Garlic has a strong odor which some people can not tolerate. For them it is advised that drink a glass of milk immediately after taking the raw garlic and soon get rid of garlic odor. Everyday intake of garlic helps to get rid of muscle pain and joint pain caused by arthritis and osteoporosis. But too much intake of raw garlic may not be right for some persons. Eating too much raw garlic may hampers digestive system and may cause heartburn. For this reason restrict the intake of raw garlic though it works on pain wonderfully.

Roasted Garlic

Roasted Garlic

Perhaps to get the maximum healing properties of garlic you should roast them. Roasting helps to remove strong and pungent smell of garlic and roasted garlic is easily digestible. Cooked or roasted garlic is more effective to fight damages caused by free radicals. People with joint and muscle pain should take 3-4 roasted garlic cloves at a time and twice daily. Practice this method everyday and you will soon get relief from muscle and joint pain within few days.

Use Garlic While Cooking Different Preparations

Garlic While Cooking

Garlic is an excellent natural remedy for stomach pain. Stomach pain is caused when there is indigestion of food and stomach upset because of some bacterial influence. Use garlic as much as possible in your food in the time of cooking. Garlic helps to kill bacteria that cause stomach pain. Uses crushed garlic in different preparations and take them hot. You will get benefit.

Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil

Old people are prone to different types of body pain actually the cartilages gets stiff and the fluids in-between joints get dried. For this reason any type of movement becomes painful to them. Garlic oil is very effective for them. Crush few fresh garlic and fry them lightly in mustard oil. Take some steamed rice and mix garlic oil with it. Add salt to taste. Consume this garlic oil mixed rice hot everyday and keep pain under control. Massaging this oil hot from outside on your whole body also works wonderfully. Massage this hot garlic oil all over your body especially on your joints. Practice this method everyday and you will soon get relief from arthritis and other different types of pain.

Garlic Capsules and Garlic Dust

Garlic Capsules

If you do not have enough time in your hand go for garlic capsules and garlic dust available in the market. Follow the dose and follow the instruction given on the packet. Take them sincerely and get the benefit. Garlic is an easily available thing and it is not at all expensive. Use garlic remedies in pain and arthritis and get the benefit.