Garlic Gift of nature.


garlic Garlic is from the same family as onion is. It has a lot to offer to our body and is widely used in medicines because of the medicinal characteristics it has.

First of all, it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that makes it effective for treatment of infections. Common ailments of the throat, ear or mouth and common colds due to infection can effectively be treated by using garlic in a suitable form.

Habitual and frequent use of garlic should be encouraged and practiced, as it is helpful in boosting the immune system. Available data and studies undertaken so far indicate that it is helpful for having a control on cholesterol and high blood pressure or hypertension, despite lack of scientific evidence or a conclusive proof.

There are also inconclusive reports of its beneficial aspects for treatment of cancer. Similarly there are studies indicative of its prolonged and regular consumption in cooked or raw form for being good and helpful in reducing the likely harmful effects, likely to be caused by the formation of carcinogenic elements in human body.

Diversified Cooking

A very helpful feature of garlic is the variety of cooking forms it offers. It may be consumed in raw form or be cooked for consumption along with other vegetables. It may be consumed orally, or its juice may be extracted or it could be made a part of an interesting soup by incorporating its flavor.

The juice or its chopped form is often used as a salad dressing to get that tinge in a mild form. Apart from consuming it in these forms, its juice or its crushed form may be applied or rubbed externally on the body.

Such an application is beneficial in case of insect bites, rashes or other forms of common skin infection. In combination with honey or other natural herbs it finds a wide application.

An aid to medication

Though it cannot and should not be expected to replace regular prescribed medicines for treatment of hypertension, cholesterol or cancer, it can safely be used in conjunction with the medical treatment, because being a natural food it is not going to cause any side effects.

Considering the helpful properties of this natural food it’s worth consuming it despite its odor or taste.

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