Fun Activities For Your Baby


When you want to work and you have a baby who interrupts you thousand times a day. However, you want to do something to keep your baby busy so that you can work peacefully without any disturbances.

Babies don’t disturb when they are around with many toys or something puzzling games. They keep themselves busy solving the problems. While they are engrossed with such activities you can comfortably finish your work.

So, to solve this problem we have tips for you how to make small box to keep your baby busy for hours. Make a small special drawer filled with the following supplies which your child can use when you are working. In the first place gather tools such as glue stick, masking tape, markers, and kid’s safe blunt scissors.

Hand made books can be like scrap paper, staple them together; they are very exciting place for colleges, scribbles and stickers than single pages. Then collect all those mails which are not used anymore. Give different colours as child likes to play with bright things. And lastly go for precut pictures from the catalogues or tick magazines.

Now stick them up by taking a pad of sticky notes, crayons. For this you need to know in stepwise and here they are. Step one stick a few notes as wall or side of your desk. Give your older child crayons and ask to draw a picture. Write 1 2 3….till 20 and make them to count or write. This will engage your child.

Get puzzling colour twisting game and fix them in such a way and ask your child to fix them into the original shape.
Hope you must be free now and working without any tension. Having baby and at the same time you want to make a phone call and work however, you are interrupted thousand times. This can be very disturbing. So fix a game for baby before you start your work.