French kiss – old but evergreen!

The basics you should learn is first brush your teeth get a good bath, nicely groomed and clean and fresh, before meeting the other person. There’s nothing worse than kissing the rear end of a garbage truck and then get into a comfortable position – you can’t kiss if your back feels like it’s going to break. Suggestion is sit side by side on a comfy sofa. French kissing is similar to another French invention: Champagne. A little bit will make you giddy but too much can lead to trouble.

Whether you’re studying up before a first date or simply curious, there are some French kissing techniques for anyone looking to learn how to french kiss. If you’ve kissed someone on the lips before, the French kiss is actually not that dramatically different from a normal kiss. During a regular mouth kiss, your lips should already be slightly parted and relaxed. Now, it’s just a matter of bringing your tongue to the front of your mouth, until it touches your partner’s tongue or lips. If their tongue is not already in position, the sensation of your tongue at their lips is a telltale sign that you’re ready for this kiss to become a French kiss.

French kissing involves tongue contact, and there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. But there certainly are plenty of preferences! A kiss is one of the most intimate and sensuous things you can experience with another person. Unfortunately, while there’s no “right” way to kiss, many people experience anxiety about kissing or don’t know how to ask for a kiss. Fear not! Whether you’re getting ready for your first kiss, or you’re an experienced kisser and just want to improve your game for your first kiss with a new partner, you’ve come to the right place.

Some techniques you must learn while doing French kiss is flickering the tips of your tongues and also rotate tongues in circular motions. You should also be master on playing the chase back & forth and also sucking your partner’s tongue and oftentimes gently biting their tongue. A French kiss is a kiss, not an attempt to wrestle the tongue of your date into submission. Begin by joining lips tenderly and allow your tongues to gently explore each other’s teeth line and finally encounter one another. Run your tongue along the lines of your partner’s tongue, taking your time and allowing your partner to do the same. If you both want to become a little more aggressive, that is fine. Just remember you are doing a dance, not a competition. Relax and enjoy the sensation but then end the kiss, as French kissing can get messy if continued without breathers. Take time to nuzzle necks, nibble ears or whisper sweet nothings before diving in for another kiss.