French kiss

Ways To Do French Kiss

It was in the year 1923 that the expression ‘kiss of French’ became part of the English language. It denoted the decadentnature of French culture. It means the passionate kissing of the open mouth which involves the use of the tongue. It was the British and American World War 1soldiers who popularized the French kiss on their return home. During the war, these soldiers came into contact with their counterparts from France who recounted their various sexual adventures.

The free attitude of the French in such matters was brought back to the English world. They started practicing the French kiss with their wives and lovers. Now the French kiss is seen in films and accepted by society. This kiss is now seen as a sign of people who are deeply in love. The French kiss is done by using the tongue to stimulate the tongue and the inner walls of the mouth. It is said to be the heart of kissing because it can only come from a heart full of love.

How To Do The French kiss

If you want to enjoy the French kiss, then you must make sure that you and your partner are in good mood. It should be done in a way that you and your partner should not feel any pain in the neck or the shoulders. Here is how you should go about the French kiss.

Calm Down Your Nerves By Taking A Deep Breath

Calm down your nerves by taking a deep breath.

Look at each other in a lovely way.

Draw close to each other while still looking at each other.

Then put your arms around each other

Put Your Arms Around Each Other

Don’t start immediately with the French kiss because it is so deep. You should start with other types of kisses that are less intense and progress gradually to the more intense ones and finally end with the French kiss.

Once you introduce your tongue is in the mouth of your partner, start moving it gently. Don’t make violent moves; the intensity should increase gradually. Be attentive to your partner so that you can repeat what he/she likes. You should not finish the French kiss in an abrupt manner. If your partner resists this type of kiss it does not mean rejection. It only means the time is not yet ripe for it. Usually the first kiss should not be a French kiss.