Founding Problems with Foundation


foundation Wait no more for that natural glow and flawless complexion. Nowadays, markets offer many solutions to any of your skin problems. You can turn to many one-step foundation formulas that will put an end to those nasty looking blemishes that have kept you indoors for days!

You can choose what is best for your skin type: the best of it is that there is a wide range of prices, so money is not a problem. Purchase a light and oil free foundation that won’t increase your problem, it will solve it. These new foundation brands will give your complexion a flawless look and powdery clean feel. Go right ahead and shake up your makeup!

Hide and zit: Can you use foundation to conceal pimples?
Even though concealer provides better coverage, foundation is what you prefer to use to cover up these nasty little imperfections. Here’s how to do it: Use a clean, flat eye shadow brush, which will allow fine and precise coverage.

Dip the brush in the foundation. Don’t worry; it won’t clog your pores even more. Dab the blemish and blend the color outwards so it doesn’t look caked on and bulky. Treat pimples gently. If you’re not careful, you might worsen the problem.

Tone up: What foundation should I wear to the gym?

It’s really best not to wear any. When you sweat, your body eliminates toxins. If your face is covered with makeup and other chemicals, those toxins can’t be released.

As a result they’re trapped below your skin’s surface, in your pores. This will almost certainly cause a breakout. If you feel like you need to cover up some imperfections go for a light coat of colored moisturizer. It allows your skin to breathe more than cream or liquid foundation. Don’t forget to always, always wash your face after workouts.

In the shade: How do I pick the right tone?

Visit a big department store and test a few shades to be sure that you pick the perfect one. Streak a small line at the edge of your jaw. Don’t test on your hand because the skin in this area is usually darker.

Go outside, as natural light gives you the most accurate sense of how that foundation will look on a daily basis. Take a mirror and compare shades; make sure to pick the one that blends the best.

If you’re in a small venue, like a drugstore, look for a sheer compact or a color adjusting formula. Most of these kinds of products carry an indication of this sort on the bottle. This kind of product will match your natural skin tone easily.

Blending: What to do if you get a makeup line on your jaw or around your hairline

It’s probable that the shade you’re using is too dark a shade. To correct this kind of situation, it’s all about blending. When applying, dot foundation on your t-zone one inch above your jaw line and two inches below your hairline.

Do this and as you blend the small amount onto the rest of your face, it will lightly coat your skin, so no one will even notice you’re wearing foundation.

At last: Will it ever stop staining my shirt when I put it on or take it off?

We wish we could do something about this and allow you to change as often as you like after make up but… we can’t. The next best thing to wiping off and applying in between outfits is to wear a thin layer of long lasting liquid foundation (which has porous polymers). Do this to help the makeup absorb. It will make it less messy and won’t ruin as many shirts.